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Civic Government Solutions’ Approach to Voter Registration

Our team has expertise in developing tools and techniques to help local and state governments and federal agencies reach more voters. We work with you to execute a best-in-class voter registration mail campaign that meets your strategic goals. We use unique data sources, voter registration design best practices, strategically timed chase efforts, and transparent and easy-to-digest tracking.

Most Comprehensive Database of Unregistered Voters

Civic Government Solutions’ proprietary database  recent movers who are known to have previously voted but have failed to update their registration at their new address with our proprietary database of likely new voters – individuals who don’t appear in commercial voter files – to give you the most complete picture of the unregistered universe in your area.

Best Practices in Voter Registration Mailer Design

We send each potential voter in your universe customized persuasive messaging and state-specific instructions, a voter registration application prefilled with their information, and a postage-paid return envelope pre-addressed to the relevant election official. This combination of materials has proven to maximize returns.

Thorough Tracking and Chase Efforts

Civic Government Solutions utilizes USPS barcode technology to track mailed forms through the entire mail cycle. It enables us to report on your program in real time and conduct strategically sequenced text chase programs. These unique chase programs boost conversion by approximately 25%.

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Consistent Updates to Your Voter Roles

Every month, we identify and add thousands of potential voters to our database to maintain the most comprehensive unregistered voter database available. Our proprietary data set identifies millions of potential voters from sources like colleges and universities, professional license holders, public employees like teachers, and people moving to your community.

With a quarterly subscription to Civic Government Solutions, you will be certain that your locality is reaching all of the potential voters in your area without doing the arduous work to identify and contact them.

Civic Government Solutions: Unique Approach, Trusted Partner

Our team has a broad range of expertise, including data scientists, voting law experts, and mail logistics experience, enabling us to deliver the market’s most reliable and effective voter registration solutions. Below are just a few of our achievements.

Our team has sent more than 10M mailers sent since 2018

In 2020, approximately 20% of the 3.6M unique recipients of these mailers registered in time for the 2020 general election, resulting in an estimated 700,000 registrations

In 2020, 85% of those who we registered turned out and voted.

Collectively, our experts have registered approximately 2M since 2018

When you work with Civic Government Solutions, you will usher new voters into civic engagement. Registering voters is a long-term investment in the health of our democracy and will have a positive and cascading impact on your community.

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